A campaign from the heart.

Case Study: st. vincent charity medical center

Putting words and images to quickly describe what makes a hospital different can be challenging. After spending time on the St. Vincent campus, talking to caregivers and touring the departments, we identified the exceptional caregivers and their approach to patients as the key difference. "For the Heart of Cleveland" captures the essence of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center through the use of simple headlines and the beautiful images of the caregivers.

With a limited budget to work with we helped St. Vincent find opportunities with high impact. To achieve this, all advertising directed viewers to the special microsite dedicated to the campaign and telling the St. Vincent story.

The highly-visible, full bus wraps even became part of an online contest where people posted to the St. Vincent Facebook page where they spotted the bus around the Cleveland area.

The ongoing campaign is increasing public awareness and has become a source of pride for the caregivers and staff members at the medical center.